Friday, 18 March 2016

Monkey in Mind on Kindle

Monkey in Mind
A high octane adventure of a Thought Monkey
This is a tale about a Thought Monkey called Monkey Tell whose task it is to deliver thoughts to people and who he must help to fulfill those thoughts to completion. However, Monkey Tell as he calls himself after the legend William Tell has to face the challenges of the Elfins with their Mirrors of Distraction, who take people off in different directions and so result in them not taking their thoughts on board, which could change their lives. Monkey Tell is a Red Thought Monkey or a Metal Monkey.

Monkey Tell in this story has to shoot these chosen people with his arrows of golden thoughts so that they can accomplish their dreams. Join Monkey Tell on his adventures through the tangled processes of thoughts and distractions which human beings face in life every day.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mothers Day- Give the Gift of Poetry to Your Mother

Download for Free, "Lady of the Sea and other poems" by Warren Brown for Mothers Day.
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Have a Happy Mother's day with your Mother.
I miss my Mother Joan who passed away almost eight years ago.

This collection of poems explores a number of interesting topics from Ninjas and Shoguns, to Robin Hood, Britain's Got Talent, to poems on Nature, Elvis Presley, the Piccadilly Line and the History of London. Warren Brown has been writing Poetry since the age of Eighteen and has published a number of his poems in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and in the Anthology of Poetry, published by the Watermark Press, USA.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Happy World Book Day 2016

Download a FREE Novel "Travelman" this World Book Day,from the 3rd March to the 6th March


Travel Man is an ordinary man with the ability to travel through time, space and dimensions 
solving crimes and having adventures. He escapes his enemies and has the most thrilling adventures in his quest to find his destiny.

Yes, I am Travelman, with the ability to cross the boundaries of Time and Space, to be able to experience life to its very fullest.
I am Travelman with the freedom of living in all the dimensions known and unknown to man.
I am Travelman, my adventure is just beginning and so can yours, if you only unlock the freedom of your imagination.

Earth Welcomes A New Superhero Travelman.

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

How to be a Prolific Writer?

We all wish we were prolific writers. Here are a few great articles to help you to become a prolific writer, which I would like to share with you today.

Getting through a Creative Dry Spell by Mary Keeley

How To Write A Book…FAST by Carlos Cooper

Marketing Tips from New York Times Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton


Great Writers Have The Simplest Tools

I was both shocked and amazed to find that the most popular writers, use the simplest of writing tools. Yet, it is not the tools that matter in the end, but the craft and imaginations of these world famous writers. It does make me often wonder at what a person can achieve, while using all the most advanced tools of writing, which are now available for the amateur writer. You do find some amateur writers who make complaints that they do not find the time, patience or have the right tools to start and complete their writings.
I confess that it is sometimes difficult for me to find the time to write. But, I have now set myself a target to write one book a month. I do hope that I can stick to my objective. I have written and published one book last month in August. I just need to think about all these great writers who use such basic tools  and feel humbled at their marvellous works.

Courtesy: Business Insider- Aly Weisman